Monday, April 24, 2017

A Simple “Hack” for Better Toyota Car Performance

It seems like every other website nowadays offers “one weird trick” that’s a shortcut to making everything better. You’ll be skinnier, better rested, better looking… the difference between this trick and those others? Ours works. There’s a very simple way to get better performance out of the car you bought a few years ago at Keyes Toyota, or to keep your new Toyota car driving as well five years from now as the day you drove it off the lot.

You don’t need to re-tune your engine, add body effects, or otherwise change your torque or horsepower. This could be one of the simplest and least expensive ways to make your car drive better. Ready?

Get new tires.

Not cheap tires, either. High-quality tires specified for your Toyota Camry or Toyota RAV4 and approved by Toyota Motor Corporation. It really is that easy.

Here’s why: so much of how your car performs literally has to do with where the rubber meets the road. The added traction you get from tires that are appropriate to the season and that have good tread depth, proper inflation, and good alignment can make it feel like you’re driving a completely different car.

That traction has other benefits, including better fuel economy and a better zero-to-sixty time. Beyond that, your car will handle better, and thanks to a shorter stopping distance, it’ll be safer as well.

Sometimes all you need is a simple tire rotation and alignment. If you’re not sure, stop by your Van Nuys Toyota dealership for a checkup. Our technicians will give your car a thorough inspection, and then make recommendations based on what they find. Not only will you get the right tires — with the right speed and load ratings for your driving habits — but you’ll also have them expertly installed.

If it’s time for new Toyota tires, it’s time for Keyes Toyota. We’re located at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA. Stop by today!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Toyota FT-4X Concept Debuts in New York

Last week in this space we covered the New York Auto Show debuts of two major Toyota models. This week, we’re looking at a concept SUV we’re hoping will become a production model. Let’s face it, the Toyota FT-4X concept looks to be a ton of fun for Los Angeles drivers, and we’d love to offer it at Keyes Toyota.

The Toyota FT-4X comes with nearly as many marketing buzzwords as it does features, which is saying something. Leave aside the hype and look at the substance, of which there’s plenty. This concept SUV shares a platform (and, possibly, a drivetrain) with the upcoming Toyota C-HR, but it also blends the looks of the retired Toyota FJ Cruiser SUV, and off-roading capability that should be at least as competent as the Toyota RAV4.

There are dozens of thoughtful touches, from ample storage space (with organizers), a wet storage area, an interior that’s easy to clean after your weekend adventures, a radio that can be used outside the vehicle, a dual-mode rear gate that hinges at both the top and sides, hot and cold storage, and plenty of USB ports.

Concept vehicles often take an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach to features and design, and the Toyota FT-4X is no exception. If it makes it to production status — and we really hope it does — we expect that the interior will be more conventional than the concept form. The exterior, on the other hand, is endearingly chunky, and it’s forward-looking while also having plenty of cues that draw on some of the most celebrated Toyota SUVs.

If you’re in the market for a new SUV near Glendale right now, Keyes Toyota has excellent choices. From the capable Toyota RAV4 to the legendary 2017 Toyota Land Cruiser, our Van Nuys showroom at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd has what you need. Visit us today! 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

New York International Auto Show: Toyota Cars

It’s a long way from Los Angeles to New York, but two new Toyota models are so close to Keyes Toyota we can practically taste it (tastes like glass, steel and vulcanized rubber, in case you were wondering). The 2017 New York International Auto Show will feature the new 2018 Toyota Sienna and 2018 Toyota Yaris alongside 2017 Toyota models.

2018 Toyota Sienna

While the 2018 Toyota Sienna gets a mild exterior refresh, the bigger news comes on the safety front. The 2017 model already has a five-star NHTSA safety rating, and the 2018 model should be safer still. That’s thanks to Toyota Safety Sense (with dynamic radar cruise control, pedestrian detection with a pre-collision system, and lane departure alert with steering assist), which are now standard.

Also new: the an upgraded Toyota Entune 3.0 infotainment system, which has optional features like WiFi Connect alongside standard App Suite Connect. Opt for the higher trims and you can upgrade to a premium JBL Audio sound system.

2018 Toyota Yaris

The subcompact 2018 Toyota Yaris also gets updated inside and out. All trims — the three-door L and LE trims, plus the five-door SE trim — get stylistic updates outside (chrome on the lower trims, piano black on the SE). Sixteen-inch alloy wheels are also new for the SE.

Get inside and there’s even more. Depending on the trim, you’ll find everything from a new sport steering wheel to a new instrument panel and audio system. Toyota Entune finally comes to the Toyota Yaris, with drivers who opt for the SE getting Connected Navigation through Entune Audio Plus.

Whether you’re considering the model year or the calendar year, 2017 is looking good, but 2018 could be even better. Even though these new Toyota models won’t arrive in Los Angeles ’til later this year, you can see the full lineup of Toyota cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans at the Keyes Toyota showroom. Stop by 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA today!

Friday, April 7, 2017

More Innovations from Toyota Research Institute

Van Nuys Toyota shoppers, rejoiceeventually. The Toyota Research Institute just announced a major ($35 million) initiative into electric battery research. That should be welcome news to you, just like it is for all of us at Keyes Toyota. Heres why.

Fuel economy standards are getting more stringent worldwide. So are emissions standards. In order to stay ahead of the curve, the Toyota Motor Company is putting more effort into ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicles) like the Toyota Mirai, which produces no CO2 emissions when it runs, as well as PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicles) like the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime, which produces emissions only when the gas engine is running.

Because they rely in whole or in part on electric motors, they manage to stay ahead of both economy and emissions targets. But theres another reason this initiative is important: the current battery technology in Toyota hybrid cars is about four decades old. The lithium ion battery pack is better than it was, but is still big, heavy, and is likely reaching the upper limits of its capacity. New designs and new materials (like magnesium) will lead to lighter, longer-lasting, higher-capacity batteries that are even better than whats available now.

The Toyota Motor Corporation has plenty of help in this effort. Besides the companys TRI partners (Stanford and MIT), theve also enlisted the help of SUNY Buffalo, the University of Michigan, the University of Connecticut, and UK-based material science company Ilika.

Were used to cosmetic changes in new Toyota cars like the Toyota Corolla. But some changes point to something deeper an evolution, if you will, of Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs. To see where that evolution has taken Toyota vehicles, and where those vehicles can take you next, visit your Van Nuys Toyota dealership. Keyes Toyota is located at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA. 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Buying American? Buy a Toyota Car.

Looking for a new car near Los Angeles? You wont have any shortage of choices. Everyone has different ideas about who makes the best new car, and their reasons for choosing one brand over another are usually pretty varied. If you specifically want to buy American, why not try Keyes Toyota?

Many people specifically want a car built in the United States, and they tend to look at the usual American brands based in Detroit. Look a bit deeper, however, and the picture becomes more complicated. Nearly every manufacturer sources its parts from a variety of places, with lots of parts and assemblies done overseas. When US News and World Report analyzed companiessupply chains and manufacturing, they determined the 2017 Toyota Camry is actually the most thoroughly American-made car.

Even though Toyota Motor Corporation is based in Japan, it has a regional subsidiary, Toyota Motor North America, thats based in Plano, TX. Regional offices, suppliers, dealerships, and factories are located from coast to coast in nineteen states.

A recent study by the Center for Automotive Research* shows that the impact of Toyota R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service is far-reaching. Between direct employment, payroll and sales taxes, and supply chain employment, the impact of the Toyota Motor Corporations efforts are felt here in Van Nuys and in practically every other city and town in America.

So if you want to buy American, visit your Toyota dealership near downtown Los Angeles and take a close look at the American-made 2017 Toyota Camry and 2017 Toyota Avalon. Keyes Toyota is located at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA. Stop by today!

*"Contribution of Toyota Motor North America to the Economies of Nineteen States and the United States in 2015"

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2018 Toyota C-HR is Getting Closer

When it broke cover at the 2014 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Toyota C-HR turned heads... and then it promptly went back into hiding. After a lot of speculation and anticipation, it resurfaced again last year, this time as a confirmed production prototype. After so many delays, the 2018 Toyota C-HR will arrive at Keyes Toyota later this year. We're excited to offer this new Toyota crossover to our Glendale and Los Angeles customers.

The model's name stands for Coupe High-Rider, which is a pretty apt description. Once you get past the ride height, what you're left with is an especially rugged-looking (and endearingly quirky) coupe. It's unusual for a crossover, in that there's no AWD available in the first year. What's also unique is that this is a "monospec" vehicle. There will only be two trims, each with a predetermined set of features. What you see is what you get. This is a similar approach to what we've already seen with the Toyota Yaris iA and the Toyota Corolla iM.

Monospec doesn't have to mean monotonous. There will be plenty of technology stuffed into both the XLE and XLE Premium trim levels, including the Toyota Entune infotainment system, active safety and driver assist features, and a perky 144 horsepower engine.

There's not a definite release date yet, but we expect to see the first Toyota C-HR arrive at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA sometime this summer. The Keyes Toyota staff is excited for the new arrival, and we're sure that our customers from Los Angeles and Glendale will like what they see, too. Visit us today to find out more, or to test drive a new Toyota SUV!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Toyota Research Institute Introduces Next-Gen Research Vehicle

Usually Keyes Toyota is excited to report on new Toyota vehicles we'll be able to offer soon to our customers in Glendale and Los Angeles. The Advanced Active Safety Research Vehicle (AASRV) will never see the inside of a showroom, but we're no less excited for that. This obscure car is the only one of its kind, and in its second generation it could be the most important vehicle on the road right now.

The AASRV came out right before the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. It was a bit odd-looking, thanks to its arrays of HD cameras, LIDAR, GPS, and proprietary technology. It signaled to the world exactly how serious the Toyota Motor Corporation was about self-driving cars.

The years since have seen the R&D carried on with that unique car filter down to everyday cars like the Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Camry in the form of innovative active safety features. Those safety features haven't just earned multiple Top Safety Pick Plus ratings from the IIHS. They've kept drivers safer.

The next-generation AASRV is the first "product" from the Toyota Research Institute, a billion-dollar initiative launched last year to research and develop new car technology. Like its predecessor, it's built on a Lexus LS 600 borrowed from the company's luxury car division. It uses many of the same kinds of technology. The difference is that this time, everything is modular (so components can be changed as new ones are developed), smaller, and more advanced.

The new AASRV will be used for two categories of research, named Guardian and Chauffer. Guardian is a set of semi-autonomous driver assist features that will be the next evolution of current active safety features. Chauffer is the next big step toward fully-autonomous cars.

A fully self-driving car is some way off still. The technology developed by TRI in the AASRV is closer to Glendale and Los Angeles than you might think. It's right here at Keyes Toyota. To find out more, visit us today at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Toyota Cars Awarded for Low TCO

What's a TCO? We're glad you asked. It's "Total Cost of Ownership," a metric that takes into account not just the price of a vehicle, but also all the other costs that go into owning and operating it. It's important to understand if you're trying to be smart with your money (and these days, who isn't?). Keyes Toyota shows one more way that Toyota vehicles outperform.

When most people shop for a new car in Van Nuys, they're looking at the sticker price alongside the usual concerns about body style, trim levels, and options. There's nothing wrong with that, but we'd suggest taking a deeper look. TCO helps you do that. Usually calculated on a five-year basis, total cost of ownership accounts for fees, insurance, fuel costs, and the cost to maintain or repair your vehicle.

When Kelley Blue Book evaluated brands' cars for their five-year TCO, Toyota cars came out on top in four categories:

·         Best Compact Car: 2017 Toyota Corolla
·         Best Sports Car: 2017 Toyota 86
·         Hybrid/Alternative Energy Car: 2017 Toyota Prius
·         Electric Vehicle: 2017 Toyota Prius Prime

The fact that two of the winners (the Toyota 86 and Toyota Prius Prime) are new vehicles speaks to the long track record of reliability and low ownership costs for Toyota cars. That let KBB extrapolate a lower TCO than they might otherwise do for a less-dependable brand.

What should be your takeaway? First, if you're buying a new car, don't just look at the sticker price. Second, if you're buying a new Toyota car, look for a Toyota dealership that takes care of the total ownership experience. That's what you'll get at Keyes Toyota. To find out more, visit us at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA today.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Toyota Named to 12 Best Family Cars of 2017

These days the family car is just as likely to be a minivan or an SUV as it is to be a sedan, hatchback, or station wagon. For decades, North Hollywood family car shoppers have looked to Toyota -- and specifically to Keyes Toyota -- when the time came to find the perfect family vehicle. That's why we're proud to find two great Toyota vehicles on the annual Kelley Blue Book list of the best family cars.

KBB evaluated dozens of contenders across SUVs and minivans. Their criteria were based on the same kinds of things the average person with a spouse and kids would be considering when they look for a family car. Their criteria included overall value (including long-term total cost of ownership), Safety, reputation, drive quality, available technology, cargo space, comfort and convenience features, and ease of use with child seats.

2017 Toyota Highlander

KBB took note of the 2017 Toyota Highlander SUV due to its "unique fusion of form and function." Like many Keyes Toyota customers, the reviewers liked the redesigned interior and exterior, Toyota Entune infotainment system, and multiple USB ports. Also worthy of mention: easy access -- thanks to the power-activated liftgate available on all but the base trim -- to a cavernous cargo area, the 5,000 pounds of towing capacity, comfortable seating for eight, and 21 mpg city / 27 mpg highway EPA-estimated fuel economy.*

2017 Toyota Sienna

There's a lot to recommend the 2017 Toyota Sienna. For many drivers, the fact that it's the only minivan offering all-wheel drive is enough. But there's more, like the optional Advanced Technology Package with smart cruise control and automatic braking, plus ample cargo volume. An added bonus (for some drivers) is the optional factory-installed Auto Access Seat. When installed, it lowers the second-row seat to street level.

One more thing to consider: these Toyota vehicles both come with peace of mind as standard equipment. Both are five-star NHTSA safety picks, with the 2017 Toyota Highlander also earning an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus. If you're looking for the perfect family car, these (and many other) Toyota vehicles found at Keyes Toyota deserve a closer look. Visit us today at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA today to find out more.

*When properly equipped. Speak to your Toyota dealer serving North Hollywood for details.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2017 Chicago Auto Show: New Toyota Vehicles

The Keyes Toyota staff takes as much pride in the Toyota vehicles we sell and service as the Toyota Motor Corporation takes in building them. The company gave us even more to be proud of at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. They showed up in force with new vehicles, new trim levels, and some interesting concept cars, giving us a sneak peek at what's coming to the Los Angeles area in 2018 and beyond.

2018 Toyota Camry: You've seen the Toyota Camry, but you've never seen it quite like this. It made its American debut in Detroit last month and it's a welcome addition here. The best-selling Toyota sedan enters its eighth generation with a sporty and bold redesign that matches its looks with higher performance.

2018 Toyota Tundra: The Toyota Tundra enters next year with new safety features and some stylistic tweaks. Just as importantly, it (and the Toyota Sequoia) receives a TRD Sport trim level. We've already seen this on the 2017 Toyota Tacoma. It gives you off-road features at a lower price point than the higher TRD Pro trim.

2018 Toyota RAV4: The popular compact crossover gets a new adventure trim in the 2018 model year. Opt for the new trim level and you'll get more ride height, as well as a tow package that adds transmission and oil coolers, plus an upgraded radiator. On an AWD-equipped Toyota RAV4, that means a 3,500-pound towing capacity, which is 2,000 pounds more than the other trim levels.

Other Models: We've seen the Toyota Prius Prime and Toyota C-HR already, but their return appearances are no less welcome for that. Likewise, even though the three concept vehicles on display (FCV+, i-ROAD and FV2) will likely never be seen on the streets around Los Angeles, they're a preview of the kinds of technology we might see in future Toyota cars.

We always look forward to new Toyota vehicles. Judging by the 2017 Chicago Auto Show, the 2018 model year is going to be even better than usual, and that's saying something. While we're waiting on these new models, see what Keyes Toyota has to offer right now by visiting us at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA.

Monday, February 13, 2017

ToyotaCare: Peace of Mind Comes Standard

If you're looking for a new car, truck, or SUV, the reasons to choose a new Toyota vehicle are legion. Not least of these is the fact that Toyota vehicles are known for their reliability. Toyota Motor Corporation sweetens the pot for new vehicle buyers and lessees with a no-cost maintenance plan called ToyotaCare that helps the Van Nuys customers served by Keyes Toyota have a long and happy life with their Toyota Corolla or 2017 Toyota Prius.

Any Toyota vehicle that's purchased or leased new is eligible for ToyotaCare. Your coverage term will be the first of either two years or 25,000 miles. The exception is the included 24-hour roadside assistance, which is active for the whole two-year term regardless of how many miles you put on your vehicle in that time.

So what, exactly, is covered by ToyotaCare? Each Toyota vehicle has a slightly different maintenance schedule. The techs at your Van Nuys Toyota service center will keep track of what your vehicle needs and send you a reminder when your vehicle's due for scheduled maintenance. Among the items covered:
  •      Checking fluid levels and changing or adjusting as needed
  •      Replacing filters on schedule
  •      Rotating the tires
  •      A multi-point vehicle inspection

Of course, not all of your needs will happen on schedule. That's where 24-Hour Roadside Assistance comes in handy. If you've run out of gas unexpectedly, gotten a flat, locked yourself out of your Toyota Tundra, or need a jump start, ToyotaCare has you covered.

Here's the mandatory disclaimer: terms and conditions apply. ToyotaCare is only applicable to normal factory service. New Toyota Prius models are covered for three years rather than two. These offers are only good in the lower 48 United States plus Alaska. Your Van Nuys Toyota dealer has details about all exceptions and conditions.

For new Toyota cars, trucks, and SUVs, the best feature isn't the engine, transmission, or infotainment system. They're nice to have, but the best thing is the peace of mind knowing you've got a vehicle that's got your back. ToyotaCare ensures that you'll get many years of faithful service. For questions, visit the Keyes Toyota showroom at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA today.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Test Drive at Keyes Toyota

To the usual certainties about death and taxes, we can add one more thing you can be sure of: you'll never find the right car without a test drive. Those of you shopping for a new Toyota SUV or car around Los Angeles have probably done many of the right things -- talking to friends, researching online, comparing prices -- but until you actually get behind the wheel, you're missing out. Keyes Toyota explains why.

Why Test Drive a New Toyota Car?

If you've ever bought clothes or shoes online only to get them in the mail and find they didn't fit, you've already got some idea of where we're going with this. Cars are a bit like pants. You may think you know your "size," but you really don't know if the fit is right until you've tried on a Toyota Yaris or a new Toyota Sienna. What fits someone else perfectly just might not be right for you, regardless of how good the reviews are.

What Do You Need?

Taking a test drive is easy with a little preparation. First, think about how you drive (where you go most often, and who's with you when you do). Consider your budget. Narrow down a type of vehicle, like a sedan or an SUV. Gather any questions you might have come across in your research. Pick two or three new Toyota vehicles to compare, choose options you'd like to have so you can figure out a trim level, and then bring yourself and your license and registration to the Keyes Toyota showroom at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA.

Our sales staff will get you behind the wheel of the right model and trim that fits your budget. If you're trying to economize, we'll also help you get the most out of our used and pre-owned Toyota cars. Remember, we're here to help you. Be sure to ask about incentives, trade-ins, financing, and anything else that comes to mind.

If you've visited our blog or our website before, you know what comes next: we welcome you to your Los Angeles Toyota dealership for your test drive, especially now that you're fully equipped to do it the right way. Questions? Stop by today!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Check Out Our Toyota Service Specials

At Keyes Toyota, our goal is to be here for all of your automotive needs. That’s why we have an extensive selection of new and previously owned Toyota cars for you to choose from. It’s also why we maintain a full inventory of Toyota parts and why we work so hard to get financing for people to buy or lease our Toyota vehicles on the best terms currently available. Finally, it’s why our factory-trained technicians do everything possible to keep your automobile running the way it’s supposed to.
One of the ways we try to prove that we’re here for you is by offering you the chance to save on the services your car needs. You can see our current service specials by visiting our website, clicking the Service tab, and selecting Service & Parts Specials. We update our specials regularly so be sure you check our Service & Parts Specials page often, especially when you’re planning to bring your car into our Toyota service center.

Through January 31, 2017, you can take advantage of the following specials in our Toyota service center:
  •         10% Off Service Special: This deal will save you 10 percent on any one service or repair completed at our Van Nuys, CA Toyota service center.
  •         15% Off Service Special: You can save 15 percent when you buy SightLine wiper blades or a TrueStart battery and have the equipment installed by our factory-trained technicians.
  •        $89.95 Toyota Express Maintenance Special: This deal can help you save big on the routine maintenance your vehicle needs. If you take advantage of this deal, we’ll change your oil and oil filter, rotate your tires, perform a vehicle inspection, check your fluids, and more for just $89.95 plus tax. If your car needs synthetic oil instead of conventional, the cost of this deal will increase to $119.95 plus tax.
  •      $299 Service Special: With this money-saving deal, you can extend your ToyotaCare plan through four years or 45,000 miles, whichever comes first, for just $299.

If you want to learn more about our current service specials or you’re ready to schedule your next service appointment, contact Keyes Toyota today.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Major Milestones for Toyota CPO Cars

Now that we have some distance from 2016, it's easier to put the year into perspective. The auto industry is doing just that, with industry newsletter Auto Remarketing releasing their annual report on used and certified pre-owned car sales. It was a record year for many brands, which posted record sales in these categories. Even with the segment experiencing its sixth straight year of growth, the Toyota Motor Corporation stands head and shoulders above the competition. Keyes Toyota explores how they got here.

It's not exactly news to the customers we serve in Glendale and Los Angeles that automaker makes great new cars. It makes sense that great new cars will eventually become someone else's great used or certified pre-owned cars. The difference between the two isn't just semantics. Certified pre-owned Toyota cars have many advantages for buyers, including a 160-point inspection, free CARFAX vehicle history, and a three-month trial of SIRIUS XM satellite radio. That's on top of a one year/12,000 mile comprehensive warranty, plus a seven year/100,000 mile powertrain warranty that includes 24/7 roadside assistance.

Here's something you may not have known: the Toyota Certified program turned 20 years old in 2016. The program had a humble start, selling only 40,000 Toyota Certified cars in the first year. A lot has changed in two decades. Four million CPO Toyota cars have sold since the program started. 400,000 of those cars sold last year. As a result, Toyota is far and away the number one certified pre-owned brand by volume.

Here's what that means for drivers around Glendale and Los Angeles: if it's time to buy a used or certified pre-owned Toyota model, or if it's time to trade in your recent Toyota model, it's time to visit Keyes Toyota. We're located at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA. Find out what sets our new, used, and certified pre-owned Toyota cars apart, and what makes the Keyes Toyota sales experience so special. Stop by today!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Big Reveal: 2018 Toyota Camry at Detroit Auto Show

There's a lot riding on the 2018 Toyota Camry. This isn't just the bestselling sedan from the Toyota Motor Corporation. It's the best-selling passenger car in the United States, a title it's held for fifteen years. It enters a new generation in the next model year, and it's getting a big reveal at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. From the looks of it, the Van Nuys drivers served by Keyes Toyota should be impressed.

The Toyota Camry will be fully redesigned, with a sharper and more modern look than the current generation. Now based on TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture), this isn't your typical subdued family hauler. The addition of more aluminum components should help to improve both handling and fuel economy, and the company clearly hopes the new look will entice drivers who might otherwise have considered a crossover.

Another clue to what's ahead came late in 2016 from Car and Driver. Toyota Racing Development (TRD), which could be viewed as the Toyota Motor Corporation's in-house tuning shop, is thought to be turning its attention from SUVs and pickups to cars. Its first model should be a TRD variant of the 2018 Toyota Camry, though there's no official street date set. The good news here is that the sportier looks of the new Toyota Camry will get a performance upgrade to match.

While we're waiting, there's plenty to love about new Toyota cars right now. That includes the 2017 Toyota Camry, the 2017 Toyota Corolla, and the brand new Toyota Corolla iM. You can find them at your Van Nuys Toyota dealership. Keyes Toyota is located at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA. Stop by today for a test drive!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Toyota Sharing Engine Technology?

Every year, most car manufacturers have to face the challenge of meeting higher standards for emissions and fuel economy. Toyota hasn't had that problem, partly due to fuel-efficient gas engines and partly because they lead the industry in hybrid powertrains. Their competitors are taking notice, to a point where that technology may soon begin appearing in other manufacturers' cars. That could have benefits for the Los Angeles drivers served by Keyes Toyota.

See, all that innovation comes at a cost. Whether it's a gas or diesel engine, an automatic transmission, or the CVT in your 2017 Toyota Camry, each component is the end result of years' worth of research and development. Even once a powertrain is completed, it still isn't done. The research and refinement continues. The complexity behind the design and building means added expense.

As a response to that, the Toyota Motor Corporation is exploring options to license powertrain technology. That seems counter intuitive until you stop to consider that licensing parts and even entire assemblies can be a solid source of revenue, helping to fund the next generation of R&D. It benefits the company's suppliers as well, since the cash flow adds to their bottom line. Besides, the Toyota Motor Corporation already collaborates with many of its competitors. This step is evolutionary more than revolutionary.

It may be some time before we see this bold initiative come to pass, especially once the lawyers and bean counters get involved. But it's not as though you have to wait to take advantage of a Toyota powertrain. Come to your Toyota dealership near Los Angeles to see all we have to offer right now. Keyes Toyota is located at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA.