Friday, October 6, 2017

Self-Driving Tech For Toyota Cars

If you're anything like all of us here at your local Toyota dealership near Los Angeles, you're always excited to see what kind of new technology is coming to your favorite vehicles. Whether you're looking for advanced safety features or useful in-car tech, there's always something new to expect from the Toyota brand. One area that automakers are focusing on these days is self-driving technology, and recent news shows that Toyota cars won't be left behind in that regard.

The Toyota Research Institute recently showed off an interesting model nicknamed the Platform 2.1. It will be deployed on the roads of Michigan and Massachusetts to gather data on how to design the best driver assistance technologies. It will use a number of camera arrays and radar sensors to stay a safe distance away from cars on the road and other potential obstacles. It will also be equipped with advanced LIDAR sensors, which use lasers to help a self-driving car “see” the world around it.
This model will help Toyota researchers gather data that will help  them build better driver assist system. Right now they're working on two. Chauffeur is self-driving tech tailor-made for certain areas, like highways or cities, while Guardian is a system that monitors the road for potential hazards and can step in to help you avoid a crash. We can't wait to see what this new tech is capable of once it's completed!
So when you're looking for dependable vehicles that offer advanced technology, our Toyota dealership in Van Nuys should be your first stop. Whether you're searching for a new family car or a reliable sedan for your daily commute, we can help. We even offer a wide selection of pre-owned Toyota models here on our lot. We look forward to assisting you!

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