Friday, September 22, 2017

Will There Be a New Toyota Celica?

First, the short answer: “Who knows?” The longer answer lies in why we’re asking the question in the first place. While looking for news on new Toyota cars, we noticed that Toyota recently filed to extend its old Celica trademark. That could have interesting implications for the Los Angeles and Mission Hills drivers we serve.
If you recall, the last time we saw a Toyota Celica was in 2006. That year, the model ended a 35-year production run. To call the original a success would be to rather severely understate the matter. It was as formidable on the track and at rallies as it was popular with some very die-hard fans.

That’s only one reason we don’t think a return of the Toyota Celica is a pipe dream. The other is the return of the Toyota Supra. Don’t forget, that car — a legend in its own right — was originally derived from the Toyota Celica. So there’s precedent for bringing back both cars, even if it would be the first time in fifteen years or longer that both nameplates appeared at Toyota dealerships.

That would mean three Toyota performance cars (the third being the current Toyota 86). If it remains true to its roots, the new Toyota Celica would be a front-wheel drive performance car, though we could also see the nameplate on a different model altogether. That could mean anything from a practical family car (we hope not) to a futuristic concept car (more likely, though we’d rather something we can offer to our customers).

Of course, this is all just speculation. Returning for a minute to what we know for sure: you can get some great new Toyota models right now at your Van Nuys Toyota dealership. That includes not only the aforementioned Toyota 86, but also the surprisingly sporty 2018 Toyota Camry. Why not stop by the Keyes Toyota showroom at 5855 Van Nuys Blvd in Van Nuys, CA for a closer look and a test drive?

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