Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Toyota Motor Corporation, Intel Enter New Partnership

Some time sooner than you think, you’ll start seeing self-driving cars on the streets around Los Angeles and here at Keyes Toyota. The Toyota Motor Corporation is at the forefront of autonomous vehicle technology, and a recent partnership with Intel shows they intend to keep it that way. Here’s why it matters.
Autonomous cars pose a number of technical challenges, and the mechanics of self-driving is actually only one small piece of a much larger puzzle. Companies like the Toyota Motor Corporation also have to address legal issues, regulatory hassles, and broader issues surrounding technology and infrastructure. The massive bandwidth use by autonomous vehicles is one of the largest of these challenges.

The partnership with Intel aims to solve that problem by bringing 5G cellular networks into wider use. That means better connectivity, which in turn means that there’s less chance of signal loss that leads to anything from your self-driving Toyota Prius getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, to your apps and navigation working as intended.

There are other auto tech consortia, some of which prominently feature the input of the Toyota Motor Corporation. One of the most important of these is Auto-ISAC, the Automotive Information Sharing and Analysis Center, which addresses cyber security in cars generally. These strategic partnerships point to how seriously the Toyota brand takes the intersection of the Internet of Things and driving.

If you’ve bought a new Toyota model any time recently, you benefit from those partnerships and the research and development in which they’ve engaged. Navigation, infotainment, and even the active safety features in Toyota Safety Sense (TSS, found in all Toyota models starting this year) exist because of that work. Why not learn more, and see how you benefit, by visiting Keyes Toyota in Van Nuys, CA today?

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