Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Unique Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept

If you've been paying attention lately, it's obvious that SUVs are having a moment. More drivers are going for capable crossovers like the 2018 Toyota RAV4 because they want more cargo space or room for passengers. Here at Keyes Toyota, we've kept a close eye on this trend and make every effort to find the perfect SUVs for our customers. We also pay close attention to recent news about the Toyota brand and one story stood out. The Toyota Tj Cruiser concept recently made its debut, and this is one interesting small SUV.

The Toyota Tj Cruiser is a distinctive and boxy vehicle that looks similar to the dearly departed Scion xB at first glance. It actually looks a bit like a stylish rolling toolbox. In fact, the “T” in Tj Cruiser stands for “toolbox.” This vehicle is meant to be utilitarian in nature. 

It's designed to store everything you need, whether you're on a long trip or starting an outdoor adventure. Each seat, aside from the driver's seat of course, can fold down flat to provide more cargo room. All seats have some tie-down points that can be used to secure cargo. Plus, sliding rear doors make it easy to pack up and go.

The good news is that this model could eventually go into production. The Toyota Tj Cruiser could be built on the same platform used by the Toyota Prius and the Toyota C-HR, which means that it wouldn't require a prohibitive investment to start building them. And because it's on this particular platform, we could see all-wheel drive or hybrid versions.

If you're a driver in the Los Angeles area, talk to one of our Van Nuys Toyota dealers about our capable SUVs and unique vehicles today. We'll make it easy to find a car that you love. We look forward to meeting you!

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