Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Is It Better to Finance a New Toyota Car or Pay Cash?

 When you buy a car here at Keyes Toyota, you don't have to pay for it outright. Instead, you can get a loan from our Toyota financial department and pay off your vehicle over time. Some drivers wonder which option is best, and we think that there are more than a few advantages to financing that you should be aware of.

You Build Credit

One thing that's good about financing is that it gives you the chance to build up your credit score. Every month you make a payment on time reflects well on you. By the time your car is paid off, you can bet that your credit history and score will be significantly more impressive.

You Keep More of Your Money

You can't be completely sure what the future holds. Spending all or most of your money to buy a car outright might seem like a good move, but an unexpected expense could soon have you wishing that you had kept some of your cash. Taking out a loan allows you to keep some money in your rainy-day fund.

You Can Have Your Car Sooner

Saving up to buy a car outright can take a long time. When you finance, you just need to save up enough for a down payment. You can get behind the wheel of your dream car far earlier.

You Can Take Advantage of Financing Offers

Dealerships occasionally offer financing deals that can help you save on that new Toyota car you've had your eye on. If you buy at the right time, you can get an incredibly low rate that allows you to pay far less in interest.

Financing is Flexible

Financing can also be quite flexible. You can make a larger down payment than the typical 20 percent and take out a smaller loan, for example. This can allow you to reap the benefits of financing without paying too much in interest.

Visit our Toyota dealership near Los Angeles and explore all of your options. Our Toyota financing experts are ready to assist you!

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