Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Toyota Lease FAQ

Leasing a Toyota car is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to buying one outright, largely thanks to the lower monthly payments and the fact that there is less commitment involved.

Here at Keyes Toyota, our team of friendly Toyota dealers is here to guide you through the Toyota lease process, and we are happy to answer some of the most common Toyota lease questions.  

Which is Better – Leasing or Buying? 

The answer to this question depends on a number of different factors unique to everybody. This includes your driving personality, your vehicle choices, and your financial situation. Talk to a Van Nuys Toyota dealer for more tips. . 

How Long is a Toyota Lease? 

Most Toyota leases from Keyes Toyota are anywhere from two to five years in length and measured in months. The most common terms for a car lease are two to three years.  

What is the Mileage Limit? 

Because car lease payments are based on projected depreciation over the lease term, the lease will specify a mileage limit for the vehicle. It is important to know approximately how many miles you will drive per year before you enter into the car lease, because you will be charged extra for every mile that you drive beyond the mileage limit.  

How is a Lease Different from a Loan? 

Leasing a car involves: 

  • Lower monthly payments 

  • The ability to enjoy new cars and technology 

  • Under warranty during the lease 

  • Easy lease-end return 

In contrast, a car loan involves: 

  • Monthly payments that build equity 

  • No mileage restrictions 

  • Keeping the vehicle as long as you want 

  • Sell or trade the vehicle whenever you want.  

Lease a new Toyota car today at Keyes Toyota.  

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