Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Toyota Service Tips: Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If you drive a new Toyota car, you may have come across the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) icon on your dashboard. The essential goal of this system is to alert you when one of your tires needs to be repaired, refilled, or replaced. 

Here at Keyes Toyota, our Toyota service mechanics will take care of your car in the event of this occurring. Here is what you should know about your TPMS.

What To Do When Your TPMS Light Turns On

Put simply, the TPMS is how your Toyota uses sensors to measure the tire pressure for all four of your vehicle’s tires. When the pressure in one or more of the tires is too low, the TPMS warning light will show up on the instrument panel. At this point, you should check the pressure in the rest of your tires and fill them if they're too low.

After this, if the light is still illuminated, you should schedule a service appointment at our Van Nuys Toyota dealership.

Why Is The TPMS Light On When All My Tires Are Inflated?

Sometimes, the TPMS system can be mistakenly triggered. If you've checked all your tires and your TPMS light is still illuminated, it could have been accidentally triggered by one of the following actions: 

  • Rotating your tires 
  • Changing the tire pressure 
  • Switching tire sizes 

Van Nuys Toyota Tire Service

If your Tire Pressure Monitoring System light has turned on, your best bet is to bring your vehicle to our expert mechanics, who will diagnose and fix the issue. Schedule a service appointment at Keyes Toyota today!

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