Wednesday, November 17, 2021

3 Ways Oil Changes Improve Your Driving Experience

If you own a car, you likely have been told that getting its oil changed is an essential aspect of the ownership experience. But what exactly are the benefits of oil changes, and why are they necessary? 

Our certified mechanics here at Keyes Toyota are happy to list the top three reasons why Toyota oil changes improve your driving experience.

Increased Fuel-Efficiency 

Regular oil changes not only keep your engine clean, but they also improve its efficiency. One of the primary functions of motor oil is to trap dirt, debris, and various other bits as they flow into the engine. Over time, sludge builds up in your oil, and failing to change out this dirty oil can lead to a loss in fuel efficiency. Changing your oil regularly allows your Toyota car to operate at maximum efficiency. 

Increased Performance 

Engine components under the hood create a lot of heat as they move at high speeds. One of the functions of oil is to lubricate these moving parts, and therefore, a lack of lubrication can lead to parts rubbing against one another, which harms your vehicle’s performance. If you want to get the most horsepower and torque out of your Toyota car, change your oil regularly.

Increased Engine Life 

Nothing is more frustrating than your car’s parts failing before they are supposed to. Failing to get regular oil changes will cause your engine to wear down faster than it should. Additionally, you’ll save on repair costs by getting oil changes as recommended by your car’s owner's manual.

Want to keep your vehicle running right? Schedule your Toyota oil change today at Keyes Toyota.

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