Monday, April 5, 2021

Celebrate National Car Care Month at Keyes Toyota


April is National Car Care Month, which means that it's a great time to visit our Toyota service center and give your vehicle a checkup. Toyota cars are known for their reliability, but proper car maintenance is still a necessity. The mechanics at Keyes Toyota can help you keep your car, truck, or SUV in top shape!

Why April?

While we don't have to worry too much about harsh wintry conditions in California, April is still a great time to bring your car in for a checkup.

You might be due for an oil change or tire rotation. Maybe you traveled to colder climates and have some road salt buildup that could cause your car to rust. It simply might be the right time to check up on your brakes, lights, or any other parts that keep you safer on the road. If there are any issues with your vehicle, we can find them and ensure that your car keeps operating at peak performance levels.

Our Toyota Service Center

Our Toyota service center makes it easy to schedule an appointment online. Our skilled mechanics know your vehicle inside and out, and they use only the most dependable Toyota parts to make repairs. We even offer occasional specials and help you save on the car care that you need.

So schedule an appointment today and see how our Toyota mechanics can help you out during National Car Care Month. These factory-trained experts are waiting for you here at our Toyota dealership near Woodland Hills, CA!


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