Thursday, January 21, 2021

Toyota Parts 101: What is a Muffler, and What Does It Do?

 At Keyes Toyota, we not only want to service our customers’ Toyota vehicles, but we also want to make sure they understand why that service is being performed. Today, we outline what a muffler does, and why it’s so essential to keep yours in good working condition. That way, when it comes time to ask, “Where do I find the best and most reliable Toyota parts near me?” you’ll know where to go and why.

What Do Mufflers Do?

As long as there are Toyota cars with combustion engines, there will be a need for mufflers, which are cylindrical components that attach to exhaust pipes to muffle out the loud noises that would occur without them.

Put simply, combustion engines burn fuel to run, but they need to expel those burnt fumes to take in fresh air and clean fuel. The exhaust pipe is the exit ramp for those fumes, and the muffler, filled with small tubes to reflect sound waves, reduce the overall noise of the engine. If you’ve ever heard a car drive by that was modified to run without a muffler, you know just how loud and grumbly an engine can be when those noise dampers aren’t in play.

Can Mufflers Go Bad?

They can. Moisture and heat can impact the quality and effectiveness of a muffler over a time, and occasionally they can require replacement. If that ever becomes the case for our drivers in and around Los Angeles, CA, fret not! Simply call our service department, check our website for Keyes Toyota specials, and let our skilled service technicians do their job and keep your vehicle nice and quiet as you drive it.


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