Thursday, November 15, 2018

Things to Take Care of before You Return a Leased Car

While some drivers will tell you that you should buy a vehicle instead of leasing one, leasing is the right move for some drivers. If you only have a small down payment and you can’t afford a large monthly payment, leasing may be in your best interest. For motorists who simply have to have the latest features, leasing may be wise because they’ll have the freedom to lease another vehicle in a matter of months.

When you lease an automobile like the 2019 Toyota Highlander or the 2019 Toyota Camry, you’ll eventually have to give your car back. You should start preparing to surrender your leased vehicle about 90 days before your contract is due to expire.

Being Van Nuys, CA Toyota dealers who lease automobiles just about every day, we advise you to schedule an inspection of your car as early as possible during the vehicle return process. During an inspection of a leased vehicle, an inspector will look for signs of excessive wear and tear. If any are spotted, you’ll be given a list of the infractions and an estimate to repair each one.

By scheduling the inspection far enough in advance, you’ll give yourself the chance to make the necessary repairs on your own. If you wait too long to have your car inspected, you’ll have no choice but to pay the dealership to make the repairs.

Before you turn your vehicle in, you should figure out what you’re going to do for transportation in the future. Here are some of the options that will be available to you:
  •          Buying the car you leased
  •      Purchasing or leasing a different vehicle
  •      Leaving our Toyota dealership without an automobile

To learn more about what you should do as your lease nears its inevitable end, contact Keyes Toyota today.


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