Thursday, September 6, 2018

Ignore Misleading Car Buying Myths Like These

It doesn’t matter if you’re thinking about getting a new 2018 Toyota Sienna or one of our pre-owned Toyota models, you’re bound to hear some car buying myths. Some of these untruths have enjoyed a long lifespan already, so long that a lot of motorists mistake them for facts. While that’s the case, you need to make sure you can distinguish car buying myths from actionable facts that can actually help you when you’re car shopping.

One myth that’s been around for awhile is that it’s more likely you’ll lock in a better price if you shop for a car when it’s raining. The belief that other drivers won’t venture out in the rain is what fuels this myth. If a salesperson only has one person to attempt to sell a vehicle to, the salesperson will be more willing to offer a discounted, price according to this myth.

The truth is, the weather has nothing to do with car prices. Plenty of people are wiling to shop when it’s raining so there’s no reason for a dealer to offer better deals when the weather’s bad.

Another myth that’s proven to have some staying power advises drivers to call ahead, tell a sales manager they’ll be at the dealership in an hour, and demand the best price on the car they want. This tactic may have had some effect years ago, but it’s become antiquated with the onset of the Internet.

Today, dealers know what each other are doing so trying to pit one dealership against another is basically pointless. A better tactic is to do your research so you can negotiate knowledgeably without being confrontational.

When you visit our Toyota dealership near Northridge, CA, you’ll see that we operate on facts, not myths. To find a Toyota car that will suite your lifestyle and fit your budget, head over to Keyes Toyota today.

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