Friday, June 10, 2022

Types of Toyota Tire Repair

Any driver knows that the tires of their Toyota Camry or Toyota RAV4 work hard. But even the drivers most diligent about keeping up with maintenance may need to visit our service center for Toyota tire repair

Today, we’re introducing the three main kinds of tire repair.

Tire Repair Types

You can always talk to one of our expert service members about what the tires of your Toyota vehicle might need, but these are the three primary methods for tire repair:

  • Patching. Patching only works on certain parts of the tire and involves removing the tire entirely from its rim so that the patch can be probably applied and sealed. This isn’t great as a long-term fix, but it can keep you going a little longer until you’re ready to replace your tires.
  • Plugging. As the name implies, this involves filling a puncture and plugging it up. This is a great short-term solution because it’s easier than patching, but plugs can often work themselves loose over time.
  • Plug/Patch Combo. This is the most effective and safest method of tire repair, although it is also the most complicated. A special patch with a plug attached is used, which helps prevent the plug from working loose and more fully seals the puncture.

Tire Repair near Los Angeles

Badly done tire repairs are dangerous, so it’s best to be safe if you’re in need of repairs and visit our professional Toyota service center. Los Angeles drivers can count on the experts at Keyes Toyota to take the best possible care of their vehicle and tires and get them back on the road quickly and safely.


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