Friday, June 4, 2021

Toyota Service in Van Nuys: Air Conditioning


The California summer can get quite hot, so you definitely want to make sure that your car's air conditioning system is working all season long. Fortunately, we handle all types of Toyota service here at Keyes Toyota, and that includes maintenance and repair of your car's HVAC system.

How Our Mechanics Can Help

Unfortunately, not all of the components used by your air conditioning system can last forever. Occasionally these parts fail, but we have the replacement Toyota parts you need and mechanical knowledge that you can depend on.

Over time, the air conditioning can stop working correctly due to loose or broken parts. O-rings, hoses, seals, and fittings can all encounter issues with age, so we'll inspect every part individually to find the problem when your vehicle wants to stop blowing cold air on hot days.

When we perform air conditioning service, we'll clean all of the crucial components and remove mold and mildew. We'll check for damage and replace any parts that are no longer working, and if there are issues like a refrigerant leak, we'll solve that too. Another common problem is a bad compressor. We'll diagnose the problem, and if your compressor needs to be replaced we'll take care of things quickly and get you right back out on the road.

Our Toyota Service Center

Our service center is staffed by skilled mechanics who know your vehicle inside and out. We only use official Toyota parts when we're making repairs, so you know that our work will hold up. We even make it easy to schedule a service appointment online. Why go anywhere else?

If your car's air conditioning isn't working, don't suffer through the heat. Visit our Toyota service center in Van Nuys and get the help that you need!

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