Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Innovative Toyota Concept-i

Here at Keyes Toyota, we're always happy to see a new vehicle or concept car. Whether it's an update to an old classic or a new concept that shows where the Toyota brand is going, we're excited to see what's on display at every auto show. A variety of Toyota Concept-i models recently showed up to the Geneva Auto Show, and any fan of Toyota cars should be paying attention.

The Concept-i range of vehicles is unique, to say the least. The Concept-i Walk doesn't look much like a typical vehicle. It has three wheels and a range of around twelve miles at the maximum. It's really more of a personal mobility tool for pedestrians, but it is equipped with some advanced electronic safety systems.

The other concepts on display could actually have more influence on the new Toyota cars of the near future. The Concept-i Ride is an urban vehicle with four wheels that uses artificial intelligence to navigate to its destination. According to Toyota researchers, it could travel around ninety-three miles before needing to recharge.

There's also the original Concept-i, which comes equipped with an AI system named Yui. Yui can use light and sound to communicate with passengers. The car's overall goal, whether it's in autonomous or manual driving mode, is to anticipate the needs of the people inside and make their commute more pleasant. It will be interesting to see if this kind of tech can soon make its way to our favorite Toyota models.

When you're searching for an automaker that's always innovating and looking towards the future, think of the Toyota brand. Talk to a Toyota dealer in Los Angeles today and ask about the advanced features and technology already found in our vehicles. We'll help you find a car that offers the tech that you're looking for!

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