Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Toyota Supra Returns

When drivers think about new Toyota cars, we bet one of the first words they associate with them is “reliable.” You know that one of these vehicles will last a long time, without too many headaches. All of us at Keyes Toyota think that you should also remember that Toyota vehicles can be a lot of fun. Models like the 2018 Toyota Corolla have gotten a sportier redesign in the last few years and now a new version of the Toyota Supra is in the works.

For those that don't know, the Toyota Supra was a sports car that was produced for over two decades. Starting in 1978, this model delivered a thrilling driving experience and had a design that was sure to turn heads until production officially stopped in 2002. If you love Toyota vehicles and sports cars, this is a model that you've payed attention to over the years. We're sure that you've been eagerly anticipating the return of this nameplate and you might finally be in luck.

After a few teases and rumors, we know that the new Toyota Supra will finally make its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Four different trim models will be on display, which should help us learn a little more about what kind of options this sporty new vehicle could have to offer. We know that it will come equipped with an automatic transmission and that it could offer a turbo inline-six engine. A few teaser images show off a huge rear spoiler and not much else, so we can't wait to finally see the revived Toyota Supra for ourselves next month!

So when you're looking for a fun driving experience, remember that a dependable Toyota car can deliver that too. Visit our Los Angeles Toyota dealership to find a vehicle that you'll love driving every time you get behind the wheel. We look forward to assisting you!

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